Teja Gerken & Doug Young “Duets” Soon to be Released!

Teja Gerken and Doug Young are releasing their long-awaited joint effort, Duets. Fitting into the general description of “acoustic fingerstyle,” Duets is all about the organic, honest sound of two guitars. Inspired by the examples set by instrumental guitar duos ranging from folk-baroque legends John Renbourn and Bert Jansch to the sophistication of the Duo Assad, Gerken and Young seek to create arrangements that are larger than the sum of their parts. The duo also takes advantage of the timbres available through a dazzling array of tunings and by pairing a wide variety of guitars, which include steel-string acoustics, low-tuned baritones, metal-bodied resonators, full-size and miniature 12-strings, nylon-string classicals, and even an electric archtop jazz guitar.