Friday, September 29, 6:30PM
Fairfax Art Walk
Downtown Fairfax, California
In front of Hummingbird Cafe, on Broadway

Saturday, October 7th, 7:30PM
Mountain Music Parlor
Reno, Nevada
735 South Center Street
Teja solo, concert and workshop
Concert at 7:30, and Alternate Tuning guitar workshop at 3:00PM!

Friday, October 13, 6PM
Aqus Cafe, Petaluma, California
189 H Street
Teja Gerken & Doug Young Duo

Saturday, October 21st, 7PM
Bazaar Cafe
San Francisco, California
5927 California Street
With Mokai and Mark Kostrzewa

Friday, November 17, 8:00PM
Wu Wei Tea Temple, Fairfax, California
1820 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.
Teja + Teja! (with Teja Bell)