Teja Gerken & Doug Young Duo

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“Employing an impressive battery of artisan guitars, Teja and Doug produce a wonderful range of sonorities and musical directions that updates the classic chemistry of the ‘Bert & John’ (Jansch & Renbourn) recordings of the sixties–a treat for fans of both acoustic guitar music and the art of lutherie.”
Alex de Grassi

San Francisco Bay Area fingerstyle guitarists Teja Gerken and Doug Young have performed together for more than a decade. Drawing from their individual catalogs of original compositions, Celtic tunes, arrangements of jazz standards, and the occasional classical piece, Teja and Doug present a varied repertoire. Often using a variety of guitars that may include baritone, metal-bodied resonator, and 12-strings in addition to more standard instruments, the duo takes advantage of a wide tonal palette.

Teja has shared the stage with many guitar visionaries, including John Renbourn, Alex de Grassi, and Andy McKee, as well as with his mentors, Duck Baker and Peppino D’Agostino. He is a familiar face at most Northern California acoustic music venues, and has toured throughout the USA and parts of Europe, including as a part of the International Guitar Night series. Teja has also taught guitar workshops at events such as the Healdsburg Guitar Festival, Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration, the University of Colorado, San Francisco’s Blue Bear School of Music, and Boston’s Club Passim. His two CDs, On My Way, and Postcards have received critical acclaim. Teja is a co-founder of the music instruction website Peghead Nation.

Doug is the winner of the 2011 International Acoustic Music Awards in the instrumental category. He has released two CDs, Laurel Mill, and Closing Time which feature his solo guitar playing, compositions and arrangements. Doug has written several best-selling guitar instructional books, he is a contributing editor for Acoustic Guitar magazine, and is in-demand for teaching workshops at guitar events throughout the country.

Besides performing and recording together, Teja and Doug are also both leading authorities on the acoustic guitar and its players. Both have written extensively for magazines such as Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Player, Fretboard Journal, Fingerstyle Guitar, and Premier Guitar, and have individually written several books about guitars and guitar instruction. Both Teja and Doug have also produced and are featured in hundreds of instrument demonstration videos on YouTube, Peghead Nation, and Acoustic Guitar.

For more information, please visit www.tejagerken.com and www.dougyoungguitar.com.

Teja Gerken & Doug Young Duo, “Autumn Roads,” Palms Playhouse, Winters, California. 

Teja Gerken & Doug Young Duo, “Her Red Hair,” KALW Radio, San Francisco, California. 

Teja Gerken & Doug Young Duo, “Rainy Sunday.”