Duets (with Doug Young)
Duets is all about the organic, honest sound of two guitars. Inspired by the examples set by instrumental guitar duos ranging from folk-baroque legends John Renbourn and Bert Jansch to the sophistication of the Duo Assad, Gerken and Young create arrangements that are larger than the sum of their parts. The duo also takes advantage of the timbres available through a dazzling array of tunings and by pairing a wide variety of guitars, which include steel-string acoustics, low-tuned baritones, metal-bodied resonators, full-size and miniature 12-strings, classicals, and an archtop jazz guitar.  


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A collection of solo compositions for acoustic fingerstyle guitar, the album continues the direction of Teja’s critically acclaimed debut, On My Way. Teja has chosen to use the opportunity of a new release to offer a glimpse into the current state of the Bay Area fingerstyle guitar scene. In this spirit, Postcards features originals, as well as tunes penned by five of Teja’s local colleagues: fingerpicking legends Duck Baker and Dale Miller, Celtic guitar sensation Steve Baughman, San Francisco Guitar Quartet member Patrick Francis, and bluesman Pete Madsen. Album Liner Notes

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On My Way

Released in 1999, On My Way was Teja’s debut CD. Consisting of nine studio recordings and two live documentations On My Way showcases Teja’s mature and unique style of composing and performing on the instrument. With its combination of lyrical melodies, texture and form, unusual guitar tunings, and sometimes surprising playing techniques, the album is sure to please guitar-buffs and more casual listeners alike. Album Liner Notes

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